Triniti Mall
Taking into account the main activity of the founders specializing in the production of knitwear products, a skein of thread was taken as the basis for the concept of the shape of the facades of the building.

The thread seems to encircle the entire building along its perimeter, forming a "tangle" of red threads. Red was chosen as the main color. First of all, this is the color of Triniti Invest LLC, and red is also considered a symbol of trade, wealth and victory. This color scheme attracts attention and makes the shopping center noticeable from all transport and pedestrian paths. Horizontal lines give the building dynamism.
The material of the facades is a perforated metal mesh. Thanks to the use of this material, the building acquires airiness and lightness.
The night lighting design of the facades emphasizes the individuality and uniqueness of this center. Each perforated line has an individual illumination, and certainly attracts the attention of residents and visitors of the city.

Another key element was the laconic combination of a multi-level parking lot with the main facade of the building. Thus, the effect of imperceptibility of parking from a height of human growth was achieved.
Creating the image of the building, we wanted the new center to become an art object and arouse the interest of visitors.
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Poland: Humańska 8/3, 00-789 Warszawa