The project was ordered by an investment company. The organization was allocated a plot of land for the construction of production facilities and infrastructure facilities as part of a large-scale investment project. Our task is to design 7 multi-apartment residential buildings for the employees of future enterprises.

The complex of residential buildings is an architectural ensemble picturesquely located on the site. At different viewing angles, the buildings do not block each other, they form spectacular spatial compositions. Visually chaotically located walking paths take into account the current and future pedestrian interconnections of the territories, forming a thoughtful and interesting walking route. The landscape is enlivened - there is a feeling that the houses are located in a well-groomed park.

For the facade solution of each house, its own combination of finishing materials was selected - we used clinker tiles, decorative plaster and fiber cement panels. This makes the houses different from each other, and the environment even more rich and varied.
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