Situated on the picturesque relief of the island of Capri, this house complements an extremely interesting and varied existing landscape of the site.
The terracing of the plot, formed by retaining walls, terraces and slopes, forms an incised platform under the pure geometric shape of the building for living and recreation. The complex structural volume of the house hangs over the pool, while offering an unforgettable view from the premises of the house. The feeling of weightlessness and maximum unity with nature does not leave.

The diversity of the environment is merged into one whole with the geometry of the house. They cannot exist without each other in this project. Nature passes through the inner space, and the space improves the nature around. The shell of the house is the background for the picturesque environment, designed to meet all the colors of nature. Tall stained-glass windows and sliding glass doors enhance the overall unity with nature and the landscape. Air and light penetrate without any barriers and restrictions.

A comfortable living space, formed by a combination of even geometry, developed landscape, textures and specific contrasts, contributes to the harmonious coexistence of man and the environment.
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