Liquid humic fertilizers are produced using a technology that allows to completely preserve in liquid form all the useful properties and components originally contained in biohumus (biohumus is the only fertilizer that is allowed to be introduced into the ground in the EU countries without restrictions due to its high biological and economic efficiency and environmental safety). Designed for all types of plants.

Aesthetics should be in everything. Any well-established process deserves to look like it. This also applies to factories – in addition to cars, there are still people working there who want to come to work in a modern building, and not faceless gray factory blocks. Using the example of an innovative approach in the field of fertilizers in agriculture in the factory building, we also want to show that the use of simple, but competently applied techniques will help breathe life into the enterprise. We want to prove that industrial buildings simply have to be beautiful.
The architecture of the building is dictated by the technology of fertilizer production. Raw materials come from one side of the building, and we get the finished product from the other. This is a line from one process to another.

The building is a single large-span volume with auxiliary production volumes attached to it.
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